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Tooth Extractions – Jacksonville

Comfortable and Efficient for Better Oral Health

Tooth ExtractionsWhile we work to preserve the teeth you were born with for as long as possible through regular preventive and general dental services, there are some cases when tooth extraction must occur. In these instances, we are pleased to provide comfortable and efficient tooth extractions in Jacksonville. Keep reading to learn more about the most common type of procedure and what you can expect if you or a loved one need to have one or more teeth extracted.

Why Choose Jacksonville Complete Dentistry for Tooth Extractions?

Multiple Tooth Extraction

Woman having tooth extracted

If you have failing teeth due to decay, injury, or disease, you may need to have several of them removed to protect your oral and overall health. Contact us as soon as possible after accident or injury for urgent dental care. We may be able to save a damaged tooth. Before tooth removal, we will discuss replacement before extraction to ensure that a plan is in place so you do not have to spend any extra time without a complete smile. If the teeth have erupted outside of the gum line and are healthy enough to remove with forceps, a simple extraction will be recommended. A surgical extraction occurs when the tooth is broken, impacted, or has not erupted. This procedure involves opening the gums and removing the tooth in pieces.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Problem wisdom tooth illustration

The most common type of extraction is that of the wisdom teeth, or the third molars which may appear in late adolescence or on into adulthood. There is rarely enough space in the gum line for the wisdom teeth to emerge without issue, and impacted wisdom teeth can become infected or put pressure on the surrounding teeth, causing them to move out of alignment. Removing wisdom teeth prevents infection and protects the other molars. These teeth are not necessary for proper oral function, so they do not need to be replaced.

Extraction Site Preservation

X-ray with problem wisdom teeth

When a tooth needs to be replaced, as is the case of anything other than a wisdom tooth, we may recommend extraction site preservation if a dental implant is the next step. This procedure keeps the tooth’s socket in place to ensure that the implant post can be placed in the coming weeks. Otherwise, the area may collapse -- affecting aesthetics and also making effective replacement more difficult. Donor tissue is placed into the site immediately after extraction to keep it healthy and preserve the area for the future placement of a dental implant.

Post-Operative Care

man checking smile after operation

Once the extraction has occurred, our emergency dentists will send you home with instructions to help you ease through a speedy recovery. Avoiding a dry socket is of primary concern. The blood clot that covers the extraction site must remain where it is to promote quick healing and keep you out of pain. Maintaining a soft foods diet is important for dry socket preservation (scrambled eggs, yogurt, fruit smoothies are good options), and you should take extra care when brushing and flossing around the treatment site. Make sure to take all medications exactly as prescribed, and rest and relax until you feel ready to resume normal activities. Should symptoms worsen or not improve after several days, do not hesitate to let us know.

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