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Root Canal Therapy – Jacksonville

Fast & Safe Pain Relief

Woman with a toothache at the dentist’sWhen a tooth is so damaged or decayed that it can no longer be restored with a filling alone, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy in Jacksonville. This procedure is an advanced dentistry service that offers us a way to rescue a tooth that is on its last leg -- and, while root canals may have a bad reputation, there’s really nothing to fear or dread from this common treatment. Keep reading to learn more about root canals, and how getting one can save your smile.

Why Choose Jacksonville Complete Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy?

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

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A root canal is necessary when the interior of the tooth, the part known as the pulp, is affected by decay or injury. This is usually the result of an untreated cavity or a broken tooth. Because the interior of the tooth houses its nerves and sensitive tissue, you are likely to feel a persistent ache when you need a root canal, which is why so many people in need of root canal come to us as dental emergencies. When the tissue is so damaged that it is no longer living, however, you may feel nothing at all.

Some of the warning signs that you need a root canal include:

Do not hesitate to contact your dentist if you experience any of the above symptoms. A root canal should be treated right away to prevent the spread of infection, which could put your overall health at risk.

What Happens in a Root Canal?

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Most root canals are performed over the course of two visits to the dentist. To begin the procedure, your dentist will begin by putting together a treatment plan built specifically for you. Once we are ready to begin the procedure, comforting anesthesia and/or sedation will be administered to ensure that you are completely relaxed and at-ease. Then, the procedure is completed in a series of steps.

  1. First, the pulp is accessed through a small hole in the back of the tooth or on its chewing surface.
  2. Using special tools, your dentist removes all of the infected tissue.
  3. The root canals are measured and reshaped.
  4. A topical antibiotic may be applied to the infection.
  5. A biocompatible material known as gutta percha refills the interior of the tooth.
  6. A temporary or permanent filling is placed in the same appointment.
  7. If two appointments are required for your root canal, you will return later for your permanent crown.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

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Despite its reputation, the root canal procedure itself is not actually associated with any real pain or discomfort. Instead, it is the toothache that occurs in the lead up to a root canal that causes the real issue. Our root canal experts offer exceptional care and use anesthesia to help patients glide through this procedure with ease!

We Can Rescue Your Tooth

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If you have a severely aching or damaged tooth, don’t wait another day to find a solution. Jacksonville Complete Dentistry is here to help! Request an appointment online today for expert restorative dentistry in Jacksonville, FL.

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