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Dental Insurance

father and daughter checking into dental practiceWe know that sometimes, finances can have a big influence on who your family chooses for a dentist and how often you receive care. You do not need dental insurance to be treated at Jacksonville Complete Dentistry, but investing in dental insurance may make it easier to fit high-quality dental services into your family’s budget. If you and your loved ones are covered by an insurance plan, you will be happy to learn that we here at Jacksonville Complete Dentistry are in-network with a number of popular insurance providers and will work closely with our patients to ensure they receive the maximum reimbursement for care. Keep reading to learn more about how dental insurance works from your dedicated dentist in Jacksonville.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

If you are covered by dental insurance, you or your employer pay for your coverage every month in the form of a premium. This usually costs around $50 for an individual and $150 for a family. In exchange for this amount, you and anyone else covered under your plan can receive a list of general, preventive, and restorative dentistry services either completely covered or at a significant discount once you have reached your deductible.

The specific details of your plan may vary based on certain decisions made at the time of enrollment. The copay, annual maximum, and other fees can be different from one patient to the next -- but in general, coverage looks like this:

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Dental Insurance: Different from Medical Insurance

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Dental insurance works with a more significant emphasis on preventive care than your medical coverage does. When we think of insurance, we think about catastrophic problems. Dental Insurance should be thought of a bit differently - like a gift card with restrictions. You receive an annual benefit, have a deductible, and a copayment. The annual benefit is the amount that they will contribute to your care annually. Although it differs from company to company, the average is $1500.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Dental insurance is also different from medical in that you are not necessarily penalized for choosing an out-of-network provider. In most circumstances, you receive the same annual benefit and have the same deductible. All you have to do is provide us with your insurance information and you do not have to lift a finger. Our office will process and file your claim to ensure you receive the maximum reimbursement after you have paid out of pocket.

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